Benchmade saddle skinning knife – skinner knife

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Benchmade saddle skinner 15001-2. This skinning knife comes with a sheath. Its length around 8.73 inches and it is the blade length itself is 14.17 inches. Skinning knives are made of steel   30v steel and  This is the first production right

 it’s got a really nice wood handle with a coating on it. It feels a very comfortable grip and neatly look in your hand. Which really likes the look of the wood and this knife this is the sharps knife by far. I own that I’ve ever received it is incredibly sharp .so you have to be extra careful with how you handle it and it will take the hair right off of your armor like without any problem at all.

My initials on the knife that I get and engraved on Benchmade of course realize I have a hole here for lanyard paranoid whatever you feel like. Now this knife personally I wouldn’t use it for bushcraft and really I would just use it for skinning

so if you’re thinking about getting it for bushcraft and outdoor all-purpose knife I would stay away from It.i would just use it for skinning although if you’re in a situation that requires. You can use it for outdoor general purposes. It’ll work just fine although this knife, Is not. Benchmade saddle skinner is design for skinning

What its purpose is so you cut real easy send. It doesn’t give you any trouble at all.   Got incredibly sharp and you won’t have to sharpen or sharpen this thing for a while just be sure to clean the blood off of it. After you go ahead and skin a couple of animals whether it be deer duck pheasant or rabbit whatever

These knives will cut through it no problem and it’s also got a Rockwell hardness of 59. The blade thickness is about 0.14 inches so really nice and you get all these grooves. So your grip can be maintained If you’re doing the more precise cutting up top. Really trying to use the tip put a finger here no problem you let it treat you really well. I can recommend this knife for sure

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