Dalstrong Fillet Knives

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DALSTRONG fillet knife comes at an affordable price; they are very thoroughly contracted. They are great quality knives; Dalstrong is a premium essence brand made with a machine, Not constructed by hand.

They are very genuine quality and affordable brands in the market. Dalstrong is a Chinese brand. Gladiator series of Dalstrong knives are perfect for filleting fish.

They are curved knives and look very sexy on the paper. The gladiator fillet knives come with an endless heel handle and curved handle.

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backpacDalstrons fillet knifeColor: black
Note: DALSTRONG Fillet Knife – 7″ Flexible Blade – Gladiator Series – German HC Steel – G10 Handle – w/ Two Sheaths

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backpacDalstrons fillet and bonningColor: black
Note: DALSTRONG Fillet & Boning Knife – 6″ – Gladiator Series – Forged German Thyssenkrupp High-Carbon Steel – Curved Blade – Sheath Included

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Fillet Knife – 7″ Flexible Blade

If you are looking at around 7 inches flexible blade they look fully made with razor-sharp. Then this is great for your fishing tasks.

This is one with come with gladiator series and made with german high carbon steel. They are highly precise use to removed bone and skin through fish.

If yuo are using the knife it feel in you wounderful and comfortable . the blade are protect with two cover at the box.unless not for home usees they made for outdoor too.

They are made with premium quality of material and luxury design made for perfect work.

The handle come with full of comfortable and made woth Pakka wood.The grip made with perfect design add alot of comfortability for work.


When choosing a magnificent knife, it’s a must, to start with, good metal. Inordinate carbon stainless-steel is an effective alternative for the surf fishing fanatic. 

Because it resists rusting and holds a great edge. A few years ago, I realized not to hold my surf fishing fillet knife in a leather-based sheath. They rust. So now I hold my fillet knife in an open tray within the high of my deal with the field. This additionally helps to guard the leading edge and the fisherman’s fingers.

 The gladiator series are handcraft, With the premium class of steel imported, with Rockwell hardness of 56. Handles polish both the side with 14 -16 degree of angle. The blades premium quality of the blade is anti resistant to corrosion. And Perfect fish fillet for seawater, to resistant stain.

dalstrong fillet knife


 Flitting knives is german steel with high carbon steel. It is one of the most used steels in the cutlury Product, which indicates the best scaling product for many years. Dalstrong is not a very old brand, But due to Its, Great quality and the pretty product, It is very famous in the market.


 Handle OF the Knife is very durable and liminated

The fillet knives along with German steel, Carbon is added to them. To provide more strength and hardness to the knives. Which gives, Good Strength; carbon is one of the Hardening elements.


Why do I like this knife? This comes with a Full-Tang Handle; the knife  Steel Extends to the end of the Handle provides well balanced for flitting. Easy to Use and easy to a flitting, The fish without any pressure.


Looking for some excellent, Dalstrong fillet knife is great, all the filleting tasks if you love seafood. If your seafood like Mahi-Mahi, Then Dalstrong, Is very great select to cut and filet. Due to it, 7 inches Blade, Which is an exciting match for Mahi Mahi.


The gladiator series comes with a protected sheath. Which pretty very nice and good looking cover some with a clip to avoid knife slip.  

These knives help you to cut raw fish much more easily. This blade comes with a very nice box. They can easily carry with your self, With an lt clip attached to the sheath, for easy carry

The knife is full tang And three rivet. Assist Make the grip Strong, Comfortable to use. These blades are of excellent quality. And maintain it performed even in harsh conditions.

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