Dalstrong Shadow Black Series

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Dalstrong is successful worldwide. They producing a number of products every year. During a short interval of time, they gain a lot of popularity worldwide.

As long the Dalstrong shadow black series get tremendous popularity in all of their series due to eye-catching attractive black color and beautifully made design.

People love to use these knives in their kitchens. Special on the occasion to impress the guest. The black shadow is the only eye-catching attraction but performers are added more value to cut precisely.


The performs level of the blade makes the series upright to use. They are an incredible look so strong and the quality of cutting denoted by its ultra-made blade.

As the use of high-end material in their product. They frequently increase their fans all around the globe and adding a lot of value every day to complete it, competitor.


They manufacture a lot of series in the same brand but the back shadow got more value in the knife, as the rest of Dalstong get the 12-degree angle of sharpness, but the back shadow gets 15 angles of sharpness. We can increase the quality of working angle, performers more with ease.

Dalstrong Black shadow made with 7 CR 17MOV steel.  as china steel famous mostly use by survival knife. The composition of adding more vanadium to add more hardness and high wear-resistant.

The super quality steel of black shadow is coated with titanium nitrate.  They are non-reflected coated material that used for black series to add appease like black.


The knife is rustles and gets anti-corrosion quality due to the presence of titanium nitrate to keep the edge stable for a long duration.

To allow the edge to retain the retention of the blade. They are vacuum treated with high carbon steel. Just similar to Japanese other Japanese, to add hardness. the steel is hard at 58 degrees to provide a lot of retention.


Series are manufacture with high-rated quality techniques to add perfect maneuverability. The ultra-sharp made with high carbon stainless steel is not perfectly cutting edge. The blade is tempered treated which can add a lot of durability to it and full tang made.


Conventional quality of blade exactly works best as the handle looks durable in working. G-10 made handle along with textured grip to avoid slipping from hand. The handle looks ergonomic and adds a lot of comfort and good grip.

 For storage purposes, each blade comes with a sheath that can provide good space for storage.


As the knife is attractive in color premium quality they come with a luxury box. Which can so you can use this beautifully made knife as a source of presence for your friend, wife.

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