How to Maintain Knife Edge

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This once you have a sharp knife this will keep it sharp forever this and an eraser to clean. It with every so often and do that and that but $100 hard Arkansas stone.

I have a difficult time selling. I sold them for years but, I always felt guilty because I knew that the people who bought them would not be able to use them effectively without somebody to teach.

Then for them to use a lot of practice that’s why this is such a great item you don’t have to practice you just have to learn to hold it straight up and down.

I found three people in my store incapable of maintaining a straight up-and-down for sure they’ll put his flat. They’ll put it as a right angle and everywhere in between and they cannot make it the same from side to side all you have to do is pretend. you’re cutting to the center of the world and then you’re holding it the same and here’s

the thing you take your grandmother’s old kitchen knife and straighten the edge from where she used to do it around and around in the middle until she’s got a big bow in the middle of the cutting edge straighten that out sharpen it andthen use the knife come in and hit it one stroke each side .

When you before you put it away and not in a drawer loose but on a magnet or in some kind of protective cover and the next time you want it.

It’s razor-sharp and you use it and when you finish you clean it off two strokes and the next time you want it’s razor-sharp and that’s true was a $15.00 modern knife of only not even medium carbon steel but it works forever if you do it that way it works as good as the best hundred and fifty dollar knife now Diamond stones well I was in the business of cutting and selling Arkansas stones all through the 60s well from 65 until probably 75 and then Lewis Graves walked in with his ceramic sharpener which he trademarked crock stick and once he made it for me with the 30-degree angle.

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