How To Select a Knife For Good Cutting

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 knife can be intimidating for a novice there are different edge angles there are different countries of origin there different styles different blades

it’s somewhat overwhelming especially if you’re gonna spend a decent amount of money so we talked to some experts to find out what you need to know before you buy a knife on the premium side

which is what we deal with Japanese and Germans generally prize different attributes in the night on the German side they really want something durable and what durable means is you know I cut through some chicken bones I cut butternut squash I use my knife at night

 I don’t clean it up until the morning and then when you’re talking about a Japanese knife what they prize more than anything is sharpness and they choose the sharpness over the durability this knife comes with the curve on the tip okay guys this onion and pull the knife out like this turn it

and one two times and I will make a rocking circular motion so the German

I’ve had the curved hip and this one is almost three times horizontal and then you make the chopping motion markets so a German knife which is more durable

it’s gonna have a wider edge angle it’s either called thirty which is the sum of both sides of the angle or it’s sometimes called fifteen meaning it’s 15 degrees on either side or it’s 30 in total the Japanese knives because

they’re so optimized for sharpness we actually make that angle more acute or more narrow we do ten degrees on each side or instead of a total of thirty four German we do twenty-four Japanese the knife should be sharpened whenever

it doesn’t please you anymore so therefore we supply a wide variety of sharpeners to deal with the issue of maintaining the knives so if you have an Asian style knife you start in this stage and you finish it in the third stage if have if you have a European

American style knife you start in stage number two and then you finish it in this stage I think we’re sharpening the most thing important thing is that people try it you know and whether you’re starting with a simple handheld thing that will sell for twenty or thirty or forty dollars or you’re ready to move up two stones

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